Quality and reliability. We are BWB!

Make people’s lives easier! This is the feeling that moves us since 2001, when, in a bold project, we decided to put on the shelves of confectionery  stores, a product capable to uncomplicate the handmade chocolate molding: the three-part mold, formed by two hard parts and one flexible, that is popularly known as “silicone mold”.

Our story began when Mr. Wilson Stracanholi used to follow his mom’s routine, Adoração Garcia Stracanholi, affectionately called Dona Dora, that used to produce homemade chocolates in her house, so that she could contribute with the family income. Observing the productive process, Mr. Wilson, who is graduated at electromechanics, used to think on how he was going to help his mother to have agility in an easily way on the chocolate molding, because his mother used to use simple molds to mold the chocolate, known as “acetate mold”, (a mold that needed 4 or more chocolate layers and a lot of going back and forth to the fridge, until it reaches the wanted grammage).

In 1998 he came to the final project and patented what is today popularly known as “silicone” mold. Once this revolutionary product was developed, Mr.Wilson applied his knowledge and built his own machinery, he built a small productive structure with only 20 square meters, and counted with the support of his wife Elaine to begin the molds production that were a lot more practical to his mother and also pictured in contribute to the people that looked for for an alternative income.
On January 2001 the brand BWB was created, today we are market leaders (South America, Central America and Europe) on the development, manufacture and distribution of molds for handmade chocolate confectionery, we have a portfolio with more than 1.350 products, 5.000 customers, and more than 22.000 square meters, 15.000 square meters are an industrial park and a Culinary Center, called “Adoração Garcia Stracanholi”,
an honor to the family’s Matriarch, where we have free classes for our customers and for us to test the products before we sell them.

Edilson Stracanholi (deceased in 2014) Mr. Wilson’s brother, was for many years the designer responsible for the launch of the products, also honored at our Projects and Development Center. Many culinarian, collaborators, sellers and sales partners were part of our history. Fairs and events were also remarkable for the brand leverage!

What does BWB mean? The name of the brand is a dedication from Mr. Wilson to his sons and daughter: Bianca, William and Bruno, that alongside with Mr. Wilson and his brother Anderson constitute the board of the Company.

Our mission

To manufacture and commercialize products that are going to give value to the customers and consumers in the wake of chocolatier and confectionery.

Our vision

To be a reference on practical solutions and innovating in the wake of chocolatier and confectionery.

Our Values

• Ethic, Respect and Integrity
• Commitment with quality and safety
• Trustworthiness
• Knowing the Consumer promotion
• Sustainable Development

Quality Policy

To keep aligned with market dynamics and relevant legislation, BWB is committed to:

  • Train and commit our staff at all levels in a tireless pursuit to improve operational performance along the production chain, from suppliers to customers.
  • Identify and understand expectations, measure customer perceptions, and implement improvements to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Make our suppliers aware of the need to provide quality products and services to achieve performance goals and consolidate partnership and competitiveness.
  • Deliver quality products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Monitor the Quality Management System in order to ensure compliance with the system’s premises and its continuous improvement.


Quality certificate Bureau Veritas

ISO 9001:2015

More than two decades of experience

We are present in more than 35 countries

More than 1350 packages